Willpower Part III: How to Strengthen Your Willpower …

While there are many ways to conserve your willpower, there’s really just one way to strengthen it. By working on any goal or habit that exercises your self-control.

Willpower Part II: How Your Willpower Is Depleted

by Brett & Kate McKay | ArtOfManliness.com In the first post of this three-part series, we offered a general outline of the nature of willpower, noting that it is a real mental energy which regulates your thoughts, emotions, impulses, and performance control by keeping in check desires and behaviors at odds with your values and […]

Willpower Part I: The Force of Greatness

by Brett & Kate McKay | ArtOfManliness.com   What are your regrets from last year? Failing to stick with an exercise program? Losing a girlfriend because you strayed? Failing a class? Hurting a loved one with your temper? What resolutions have you made for the new year? Losing 20 pounds? Getting up earlier in the […]