Postal Blues


Phil Estes: Christian, Husband, Father, Postal Clerk, Army National Guard, Musician, IronMen.

100’s of postal plants across the US are slated for closures. This is his tribute to the plight of postal workers everywhere. Phil Estes is a current postal clerk and National Guard in Kentucky.

Phil has also been a member of the Bluegrass IronMen for many years.

As you will soon appreciate after watching the current video, God has gifted Phil with an amazing voice, amazing song-writing skills, and great talents with the guitar as well as the piano. Phil also ministers on the power of God, and on how to walk a life that is closely aligned with Christ and God’s will.

Login to the BgIM website to listen to a powerful testimony shared by Phil, entitled “Real men surrender completely to the authority of Jesus Christ“.


Look out for more videos from Phil Estes. Thank you for watching and please share!!

Song written by and performed by Phil Estes.
Video directed by Jeremy Hanke.


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