The Mountain rises in Nicholasville

Come to The Mountain.

After many months of faithful prayer and searching, The Mountain, a newly formed “Community & Christian Learning Center”, has found a HOME!

Mountain Ministries, Inc., is a new and “different” Christian initiative aimed at;

  • reaching those people who do not yet know God or Christ
  • those who have been “turned off” by “Church”
  • or those looking for something more comfortable in their walk with God

Just as Christ did, The Mountain has been developed to be a place of teaching, and not preaching, with a philosophy based upon “God, Family & Community”.

When you visit The Mountain, you will find an open and welcoming environment with tables, not pews.  You will find a teaching environment, where the “teacher” strolls around the “class-room”, teaching “Life Lessons” with a Biblical perspective, instead of  preaching from a podium.

The Mountain encourages audience participation.  So you will be able to discuss the “lesson” and how it affects you.  You will mingle with fellow students of the scriptures, enjoy some coffee, danishes, while listening to music carefully selected to complement the lesson of the day.

You will find separate sections for Communion or Personal prayer, Men’s, Women’s, children’s and adolescent’s programs and mentoring.

If you wish to share your time, talents and treasures, with others at The Mountain, we would like to hear from you.  Please contact any one of the core team members of The Mountain, shown below.

Also, we are renovating our new building at 203 East Oak Street in Downtown Nicholasville, KY.   Your help would be most welcome.  We need help with cleaning, painting, construction, and your Prayers.

Visit The Mountain’s website.


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