Something for the women, of women, by women

Next to every successful man, is a strong and powerful woman, of God.

IMAGINE, a group of women, meeting on a regular basis, for the sole purpose of growing in their Christian walk!! Having said that, we are not suggesting that any women leave their Church, Bible Study, or Fellowship Circle.  However, if you are looking for a different type of Spiritual Growth, Fellowship, and an environment where you might lift a sister up, or have a sister lift you up, this may be it.

On February 18th, 2012, a few women met together with a few members of the Bluegrass IronMen, led by Pastor Brad Allred, to explore the possibility of establishing an equivalent of the Bluegrass IronMen, to cater to the spiritual needs of women.   The initial assessment from this first meeting was that there indeed is a need amongst women, for something like the men have in Bluegrass IronMen, and the women are certainly interested in exploring this concept further, for themselves.

Several of the attendees stated their interest in attending, helping with food service, greeting, leading and teaching.

Pastor Brad Allred clarified during the meeting that it was not the intent of the Bluegrass IronMen to in any way be involved with the women’s group, beyond helping with the initial steps towards establishing such a group, and beyond providing assistance with a meeting venue, providing counsel as needed and requested, and providing additional resources, again as needed and requested for by the women.  The idea was and is for the women’s group to be able to stand on its own, being guided by women, taught by women and affected by women.

A second meeting is planned for noon, March 10th, 2012, at First Southern Bank at 3060 Harrodsburg Road, for lunch and additional planning.  All women from the Bluegrass are welcome to attend.


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